A new report by XploreMR studies the growth drivers, trends, restraints, and highlights of the avocado oil. Presenting exclusive insights into the market from 2019 to 2029, the report projects that the market will witness significant growth during the forecast period. Avocado is a tropical fruit predominantly found in South America and is being cultivated in tropical geographies across the world to cater to the demand. Avocados contain 5-30% of oil, which is extracted using methods such as cold pressing and solvent extraction. The extracted oil has high amounts of protein, antioxidant properties, soluble & insoluble fibers, and various other vitamins and minerals. Owing to its healthy nutritional composition, avocado oil is gaining traction in cooking applications. The growth of the market is primarily attributed to the demand in food processing applications. Furthermore, the usage of avocado oil as an ingredient in the beauty and cosmetics industry is also impelling the market revenue.

Shift in Lifestyles Translates into Revenue Opportunities for Avocado Oil Market

Over the years, the number of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and obesity has remarkably surged leading to a high mortality rate. According to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, obesity causes 300,000 deaths every year in the USA. Owing to this, consumers are gradually inclining towards a healthy lifestyle, and are improving their diet and food intake as a part of the process. This shift in lifestyle and diet is propelling the demand for avocado oil, which is finding high traction on the back of its nutritional composition. The high content of beneficial fatty acids and proteins is boosting the adoption of avocado oil among health-conscious consumers. Moreover, avocado oil is considered a healthier alternative to olive oil, and other cooking and dressing oils. The disadvantages of olive oil such as the unwanted odor and flavor are pushing consumers to choose avocado oil, thus acting as a significant growth driver. Furthermore, consuming avocado oil reduces weight, enhances digestion, improves heart health, enhances skin glow, increases immunity, and is a rich source of vitamin E, among other health benefits. Backed by health-associated benefits, avocado oil is finding applications in cosmetics, personal care, and medicinal applications.

High Rate of Chronic Diseases and Rising Awareness Boost Latin American Market

Latin America is anticipated to remain the leading regional market for avocado oil through the forecast period, owing to the rising incidence of heart diseases, chronic disorders, and other cardiovascular problems. The high rate of diseases in the region is due to the high consumption of fats and unhealthy lifestyles. However, the growing awareness in recent years has surged the usage of avocado oils in the region. Among the countries in Latin America, consumption in Mexico is expected to remain high as the country is also one of the largest producers and suppliers of avocados.