A new report by XploreMR studies the growth drivers, trends, restraints, and highlights of the global birch water market. Presenting exclusive insights into the market from 2019 to 2029, the report projects that the market will witness notable growth during the forecast period. Birch water is a drink collected from birch trees during the end of the winter season, and is a source of vital nutrients and minerals. Widely known for its medicinal properties, birch water is highly popular in China, Eastern Europe, and Canada, and has been gaining traction among other geographies over the recent past. The growth of the market is predominantly driven by a swift transition among consumers towards natural and healthy ingredients in their diets. The presence of xylitol, a low-calorie sugar bestows a sweet flavor to birch water, thus making it a low-calorie drink as compared to other beverages. Growing adoption in the cosmetics & personal care industry is also expected to impel market growth through the forecast period.

Composition-related Health Benefits Contribute for Majority of Growth Prospects

Changing dietary patterns and preference for natural ingredients in regular diets among consumers is increasing the demand for birch water, which is considered an ideal beverage for health-conscious consumers. Although sweet in flavor, birch water has low-calories, which makes it an ideal beverage for diabetic consumers. Moreover, the consumption of birch water helps in preventing dental cavities and softens skin by protecting it against harmful UV rays and inflammation. In addition, birch water provides some major health benefits such as cleansing the kidney by eliminating urea, ammonia, toxins, and acids. Furthermore, the presence of saponin helps in lowering cholesterol and lowers the risk of cholesterol-associated conditions. The beverage is a direct competitor to coconut water and is benefited by the lower-sugar content as compared to the latter, thus gaining a competitive edge. Besides, birch water acts as a natural detoxing and hydrating agent, and helps in strengthening hair.

Awareness Among Consumers Remains Defining Factor for Regional Growth

The regional landscape of birch water market is dominated by North America and Europe, which cumulatively account for the majority of market revenue, owing to the favorable climatic conditions for the survival of birch trees from which birch water is collected. The strong presence of leading market players, high awareness among consumers, and increasing levels of disposable incomes also complement market growth. On the other hand, lack of awareness in emerging economies is likely to restrict the swift adoption of the beverage in these regions, thereby impeding the global market revenue to a certain extent.