Integration of smart technologies into irrigation systems have aided agriculture sector to overcome shortcomings of conventional irrigation practices. On account of their several operational benefits, smart irrigation systems & solutions have witnessed increased adoption worldwide. Growth of the smart irrigation market will remain robust, expanding at a double-digit CAGR through the period of forecast, 2017 to 2026. These insights are according to the report, titled “Smart Irrigation Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017-2026”, which has recently been incorporated in the exhaustive repository of XploreMR.

Smart irrigation systems are being promoted by farmers and agriculturists as these systems enable optimization of water usage, checking soil moisture levels, and preparing for changing weather conditions. An array of wireless communication and sensor technologies incorporated in smart irrigation systems complement their high-performance and operational efficiency. As effective water management by smart irrigation systems contributes to the global water conservation goal, awareness and adoption of these systems will continue to rise in the forthcoming years.

North America Remains at Forefront of Smart Irrigation Market

North America is likely to account for largest share of smart irrigation market during the forecast period. Throughout several parts of North America, irrigation contributes to an enormous demand for water in the rural as well as urban areas. For example, irrigation demands in California account for over half or more of the overall water utilized in commercial and residential landscapes. Improving irrigation efficiency has therefore remained an imperative goal for North American water conservation professionals. In support of this aim, water regulatory bodies in the region are funding large-scale efforts for improving urban irrigation efficiency and reducing run-off by installing smart irrigation controllers.

With population expansion, limited water resources face challenges to keep up with demand, with the cost of water and power for its conveyance increasing annually. In a bid to cater growing demand, companies in the region are increasing investments for integrating IoT and innovation in irrigation systems. In addition, growing smart city initiatives by the governments will create opportunities for smart irrigation, as it forms an integral part of smart cities.

Detailed Assessment on Smart irrigation Market

The report offers precise forecasts on the smart irrigation market for the forecast period 2017 to 2026. This report is a definite source of information that imparts intelligence on recent market dynamics, industry trends, potential markets, technology developments & advancements, and product innovation coupled with extensive regional market coverage.

A comprehensive data analysis on the smart irrigation market is delivered in the report, in order to help the clients in gaining a competitive edge and attracting potential customers. The report further aid in better understanding of the industry structure, and offers evaluations on the competition intensity attractiveness. Business strategists can leverage the intelligence offered in the report regarding latest opportunities and trends impacting the market expansion to make fact-based decisions for their businesses.

Smart Irrigation Market: Competitive Landscape Assessment

Revenues shares of prominent companies operating in the smart irrigation market have been quantified, and an in-depth overview of market’s competitive scenario has been offered in the report. A detailed description is delivered on every market player profiled in this report, which includes past and recent developments of these players.

A SWOT analysis is offered on the market players profiled in the report, coupled with the information on new product developments, and the market expansion strategies that include collaborations and partnerships. Scope of this report is offer the readers with authentic information & insights on the smart irrigation market, for enabling them in making better decisions for growth of their businesses.