A new report by XploreMR studies the growth drivers, trends, restraints, and highlights of the global organic chicken market. Presenting exclusive insights into the market from 2018 to 2028, the report projects that the market will witness notable growth during the forecast. Organic chicken is grown in normal farms, but without any pesticides and synthetic additives in their feed. Unlike normal chicken, organic chicken is grown completely using organic farming methods in a healthier and natural environment. On this premise, organic chicken is considered healthier than regular chicken and is highly sought-out by health-conscious consumers. The growth of the market is primarily driven by the growing trend of "going organic" owing to rising awareness among consumers, increased household incomes, and growing concerns regarding the adulterated food products. Furthermore, increasing demand for vacuum skin packaging - a modern packaging technique - is creating a fresh appeal to the consumer eye, which is also expected to catalyze the market growth during the forecast period. 

Rising Consumer Awareness Regarding Health Benefits of Organic Chicken Drive Demand

On the back of increased consumer awareness regarding the ill-effects of synthetic additives and pesticides in livestock, the demand for chemical-free food has been on a rise over the past decade. Owing to this, consumers of meat have been gradually shifting towards healthier and organic alternatives of meat, which is the most significant growth driver of the organic chicken market. The increasing levels of disposable incomes in emerging economies are complementing the shifting consumer preference, thereby contributing to healthy growth. Moreover, advancement in packaging technologies has bestowed lucrative opportunities to the market growth by keeping the products fresh for extended periods of time. Such modern packing techniques are expected to continue driving the market on a positive growth trajectory. On the other hand, an increased number of trading activities are boosting the import and export revenues of organic chicken products. However, the growing trend of veganism is likely to pose a challenge to market growth as a section of consumers are avoiding meat and dairy products as a whole. Similarly, the sprouting trend of veganism is pushing consumers in developed economies to opt for plant-based food & beverages, further impeding the healthy growth rate of the market.

Growing Veganism Trend to Impede Swift Market Growth

The growing trend of vegan food and veganism in developed economies acts as a restraining factor to the growth of the organic chicken market. Moreover, health-conscious consumers are exhibiting inclination towards plant-based options, over meat products. Besides, there have been claims that organic chicken possesses the benefits as normal chicken, despite the high cost. This is likely to affect the consumer perception of organic chicken. As the number of the vegan population continues to grow at a high rate, it is anticipated to hinder the growth of the organic chicken market to a certain extent.