A new report by XploreMR studies the growth drivers, trends, restraints, and highlights of the global halloumi cheese market. Presenting exclusive insights into the market from 2019 to 2029, the report projects that the market will witness notable growth during the forecast. Halloumi cheese is a special kind of cheese produced from the pasteurized or unpasteurized milk of cow, sheep, or goat or by mixing the milk of a goat. Highly prominent in the European region in its semi-hard form, halloumi cheese finds significant applications in the preparation of salads, barbeques, and fries. The growth of the market is predominantly attributed to the growing demand for halloumi cheese owing to changing eating patterns with increased preference for snacks, and awareness regarding their nutritional benefits. Moreover, the popularity of the Mediterranean diet has been burgeoning over the years in the UK and Sweden, which is in turn, increasing the demand for halloumi cheese.

High Nutritional Value of Halloumi Cheese Remains Major Growth Driver

Being produced from the milk of goat and sheep, the genetic improvement of local goat and sheep breeds is directly increasing the quality of halloumi cheese, thereby propelling its demand. Increasing the quality and production of animal feed will continue to create revenue opportunities for the market. Moreover, market players are focusing on effective breeding programs to increase the quality of produced mil, which will further increase the quality of halloumi cheese. The high nutritional value of halloumi cheese is a major growth driver, contributing to sales among health-conscious consumers. The strong presence of protein in halloumi cheese is attracting young, health-conscious consumers. Likewise, increasing preference towards traditional eating patterns, which include higher consumption of snacks than normal meals, is also catalyzing the market growth. On these lines, the demand for halloumi cheese in the UK and Sweden has witnessed a sharp rise, on the back of consumer preference towards the Mediterranean diet.

Europe Exhibits Tremendous Growth Potential

The European region is exhibiting significant growth potential in the halloumi cheese market, backed by high consumer demand for the various types of cheese products. High consumption in the UK and Sweden will continue to lead the halloumi cheese market on a positive growth trajectory through the forecast period. In addition to prominent regions like North America and the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa is expected to a witness notable growth in its market share owing to increasing consumption of halloumi cheese in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar,  and Jordan