A new report, titled “Global Specimen Transport Box Market Professional Survey Report 2018”, has been recently added to the vast repository of XploreMR. In-depth analysis on enhanced attributes, usage benefits, and long-term maintenance of specimen transport box has been detailed in this report. This comprehensive research propounds insights on key market trends shaping the future expansion of the market. The report also serves as a lucrative platform that offers leading industries with better understanding on the global specimen transport box market.

Virological and microbiological laboratory testing plays a vital role in disease management, wherein rapid and accurate identification of significant microorganisms guides antimicrobial therapy and improves disease outcomes. Clinicians are required to employ right procedures during collection and transportation of specimens and samples to the laboratory.

Contamination of these specimen during transport, particularly those of normally sterile sites including cerebrospinal fluid and blood, results into misleading results, unnecessary & extra laboratory work, and inappropriate antibiotic usage. Additionally, prolonged duration of storage and transportation of the specimens proliferates the contaminants present. Specimen transport boxes are a key solution to resolve the aforementioned problems, and have been gaining immense traction across the globe.

Specimen Transport Box Market: Product Innovation to Remain a Key Trend

Companies in the global specimen transport box market are developing ideal solutions for transporting clinical and biological samples that need to be stored in clean and dry environment under testing conditions. Heathrow Scientific has recently developed an innovative product, called “duraporter™”, which enables visible inspection of the specimen’s integrity, and facilitates opening of the package using right precautions. Duraporter™ is available in three colors for owner/user identification, and polycarbonate construction, three lid clasps, and silicone water-tight seal offer secure closure to specimens and samples during transportation.

Greiner Bio One International GmbH’s VACUETTE® Transport Containers is another prime example of product innovation in the global specimen transport box market. These containers ensure safe transportation of specimens and sample materials, and can store upto twelve sample tubes. These transport boxes for specimens are tested and certified under the ADR/RID packaging directive P650. Innovations such as these will determine growth of the global specimen transport box market in the near future.

Detailed Assessment on Specimen Transport Box Market

The report provides information about various technological advancements made in the global specimen transport box market. Along with technology advancements, having updated knowledge on latest trends & developments is imperative for specimen transport box manufacturers for framing proper business strategies. Up-to-date intelligence and advancements with regard to growth opportunities rendered in the report will enable the report readers to devise effective future business plans.

Information such as raw material sourcing strategies, list of distributors, cost structure, supply chain, and pricing analysis, are also delivered in this report. The scope of this report is to study the global market for specimen transport box and offer accurate & unbiased insights to its readers. Specimen transport box manufacturers, and suppliers across the globe can highly benefit from analysis issued in this report.