Product premiumization will prevail as a key growth determinant for the fortified wine market, with most consumers opting for premium products that contain high-quality ingredients. To meet the uptake in demand for new flavors, prominent stakeholders in the fortified wine market are introducing new fortified wine flavors to keep up with changing consumer preference trends. These insights are an extract of a new report, titled “Fortified Wine Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017 to 2022”, added to the extensive repository of XploreMR.

Marijuana-infused fortified wines have been gaining widespread prevalence over the recent years, particularly in the U.S. where marijuana has been made legal as a medicinal herb. Alcoholic beverage industries are directing their focus toward the research & development activities that aim at the introduction of innovative flavored fortified wines. This will further spur growth of the fortified wine market in the near future.

However, growth prospects of the fortified wine market will continue to face the confines of awareness campaigns that aim at making people realize adverse effects of alcohol consumption. These campaigns, which currently witness active participation, are likely to inhibit sales of alcoholic beverages, directly posing an impact on growth of the fortified wine market. Higher consumption of the fortified wines has been associated with the risks of ailments such as heart disease, liver disease, and certain types of cancers, which in turn will remain a key growth deterrent for the fortified wine market.

Fortified Wine Market: Scope of the Report

The report on the fortified wine market imparts in-depth study on key dynamics impacting growth, along with imperative insights that are likely to influence future market direction. The scope of this report to offer detailed analysis on the fortified wine market for the forecast period, 2017 to 2022, while delivering readers with an accurate and unbiased study.

Manufacturers, stakeholders and suppliers of the fortified wine in the food & beverage sector can benefit from the study issued in the report. Comprehensive analysis offered on the fortified wine market can be of high interest to pre-eminent trade magazines, as well as journals apropos of fortified wine.

Fortified Wine Market: Report Contents

The report initially offers a brief information on the fortified wine market, wherein the executive summary gives a clear picture of the report’s scope, while stating imperative statistics and facts related to the fortified wine market. An overview on the fortified wine market trails the executive summary, providing a concise introduction of the market, along with a formal definition of the target product – fortified wine. Market values and Y-o-Y growth forecast offered in this chapter renders the report readers with a comprehensive view of the near-future market growth prospects.

Subsequent chapters in the report emphasize key market dynamics, where an impact analysis on weighted average model-based expansion determinants has been incorporated. This will provide a better understanding of the market’s scenario to the report readers for fact-based decision making. The report involves dedicated chapters on the segmentation and competitive landscape analyses, which are comprehensive and provide detailed forecast with respect to all market parameters.