Stronger inclination of the Millennials and Generation Z toward sailing holidays, particularly in developed regions such as Europe and North America, has been a key growth determinant for the yacht charter market. This information has been gleaned from a report, titled “Yacht Charter Market: Motor Yacht Segment Projected to Grow at a High Value CAGR Over the Period of Forecast: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027),” added recently to the exhaustive repository of XploreMR.

Innovative interior design is a key trend gaining momentum in the yacht charter market, which includes aesthetic commodity alignment inside the yacht and use of exotic leather in upholstery. Sailing and motor yachts feature modern furniture, advanced lighting, and woodwork. Increasing yacht sizes is another key trend being observed in the yacht charter market, driven primarily by increasing preference of consumers for exploring destinations in large groups.

Manufacturers focus is mainly dedicated to retrofitting old yachts, particularly motor yachts, with enhancing the fuel efficiency and curtailing the carbon footprints being primary agendas. Low carbon footprint, eco-friendly yachts have been introduced in the market, which have been issued Environment Protection Awards by the RINA – organization that provides notation Green Plus to the environment-friendly ships based on the environment performance index, including impact of the vessels on their surroundings. The study envisages motor yacht to represent high value CAGR through the period of forecast.

Yacht Charter Market: Report Summary

The report provides coherent market intelligence on the key revenue growth industry opportunities drivers, challenges and industry trends that will eventually impact the growth trajectory of the yacht charter market. An overview of the yacht charter market – in light of the current global automotive and healthcare industry scenario – reveals interesting facets relating to the adoption of yacht charters across key regional markets across the globe.

An assessment of some of the yacht charter market indicators provides a detailed analysis derived from the global yacht charter supply chain analysis, value chain analysis, and the business performance of yacht charter across various regional yacht charter markets. Moreover, vital insights on key companies engaged in the yacht charter market adds to the credibility of this extensive research intelligence report.

Yacht Charter Market: Competition Landscape Assessment

The report features a chapter on the key companies currently operating in the market for yacht charter across the globe. A dashboard view of the competition includes important information on the Tier players engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of yacht charter across key regional and sub-regional markets. Market share analysis of these top players presents the readers with useful insights associated with dominance of various companies in the yacht charter market space.

Top company profiles are also covered in this section with information on yacht charter production facilities along with a detailed SWOT analysis. An intensity mapping of key participants in the yacht charter market provides useful information for yacht charter market players to understand the current yacht charter market trends as well as various forces determining the competition levels in the yacht charter market.