Increasing focus on environment and human health continues to remain instrumental in driving the need for e-waste recycling and reuse worldwide. Albeit at a nascent level, the e-waste recycling and reuse market is expected to witness substantial pace in terms of adoption of various e-waste recycling and reuse products and services. Additionally, extraction of raw materials from e-waste recycling to obtain precious metals is another aspect circling the e-waste recycling and reuse market, driving its demand. Insights on e-waste recycling and reuse market have been covered in a new report titled “E-waste Recycling and Reuse Services Market - Global and China Scenario, Trends, Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast 2010 - 2017” that has been included in XploreMR’s research library.

Furthermore, developed regions such as North America have shown increased inclination toward e-waste recycling and reuse. For instance, according to EPA, computers more than 100 million are discarded and less than 20 percent are properly recycled in the United States alone. EPA anticipates that 60 million metric tons are a part of landfills every year. Additionally, India is expected to be the fifth largest e-waste producer in the world disposing 18.5 lakh metric tons of e-waste every year. This is likely to pave new opportunities of growth for manufacturers involved in the e-waste recycling and reuse market in the coming years, in turn supporting the growth of the entire market.

E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Market: Segmental Snapshot

The e-waste recycling and reuse market report includes a detailed segmental analysis covering every aspect surrounding e-waste recycling and reuse. The e-waste recycling and reuse market has been segmented by source (household appliances, IT and telecommunications products and entertainment devices), by recycle and reuse services (collection services, asset management and logistics, refurbishment and reuse, material processing and discovery and triage and de-manufacturing), by recycled component (recycled metals, recycled silica, recycled plastics and other recycled components) and by geography (North America, Europe and Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific). In the source segment, the sub segments mentioned are further categorized. For instance, the household appliances category is further segmented into refrigeration, consumer and lighting equipment, and other household appliances. Likewise, the IT and telecommunications products is classified into cellular phones and computers and lighting equipment. The entertainment devices segment is further segmented by televisions and music systems.

E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Market: Competitive Analysis

The market for e-waste recycling and reuse includes an in-depth analysis on various key players operating in the market. Several competitive insights have been covered in the competitive landscape section of the report that the reader can use to plan future moves and gain competitive advantage. Key facets such as SWOT analysis, product portfolio analysis, product developments and innovations, key growth strategies, geographical spread and key financials including market share and revenue analysis. Major companies profiled in the report are Stena Techno World, Sims Recycling Solutions, Umicore SA, Cimelia Resource Recovery, Electronic Recyclers International Inc., MBA Polymers Inc., Lifespan Technology Recycling Inc., Lobal Electric Electronic Processing Inc., CRT Recycling Inc., and Tetronics Ltd.  

E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Market: Research Process

The research report on e-waste recycling and reuse market is drafted on the basis of an exquisite research methodology that has enhanced the accuracy of the data presented in the report. Secondary research is carried out in the initial phase of the research along with an extensive primary research. The data garnered from secondary and primary sources is verified at every level in the research process. This ensures a higher degree of accuracy in the data and insights, making the report more credible which the reader can use to establish global footprint by gaining knowledge regarding key revenue pockets.