A report titled “Global Heat-treated Steel Plates Market Professional Survey Report 2018” has been recently added to the exhaustive repository of XploreMR. This report provides accurate market size estimations, and offers forecast on future growth potential of the global market for heat-treated steel plates. In-depth information on imperative trends influencing expansion of the market has been delivered. Strategically profiling key players contributing to the market expansion, the report analyzes their core competencies comprehensively.

Various factors have given birth to a whole new wave of productivity in the construction industry. To begin with, application and advancement of technology across different industrial sectors has significantly increased at a rapid rate. Adoption of new discoveries has led to the modernization of conventional work processes. Key trends such as VR & AR, robotics, modular construction, and green construction have propelled growth of the construction industry worldwide. This will further rub off on demand for heat-treated steel plates, as they form an integral component of the building structures.

Continuous Process Technology to Improve Productivity of Heat-Treated Steel Plates

The trend toward larger facilities and plants, in combination with efforts for cutting fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions, has created demand for thin yet easy-to-weld & high-strength steel plates for basic applications as construction materials. For manufacturing high-strength steel plates, heat treatment is a critical requirement. However, productivity of heat treatment is nearly less than 1/20th of hot rolling. Heat treatment has therefore been a barrier in efforts for improving productivity of steel plates.

Recognizing the challenge, WIN Group, which operates in the field of project engineering, has leveraged the EBNER cutting edge technology for supporting continuous heat treatment process of steel. The unchallenged, top-notch heat treatment technology – EBNER aids in maximizing the efficiency of the input and output processes. This innovative, proven heating system, and a precise high-performance technology has the potential to considerably enhance the productivity of heat treatment process for steel.

Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the global heat-treated steel plates market, has recently developed a novel technology for heat treatment called “Smart I”. This technology offers rapid quenching and heating of steel plates through an innovative induction heating method. Smart I promises increasing strength of various steel components that cannot be derived from high-tensile steel. Such novel innovations will significantly influence the future development of heat-treated steel plates.

Robust Research Methodology Employed to Provide Accurate Intelligence

Considering lucrativeness of the heat-treated steel plates and their fluctuating cost, several data points have been issued in the report, with the help of which the market players can minimize risks. Leveraging in-depth insights on the regions and countries profitable for the market growth, the report readers will be able to re-strategize their worldwide measures. Constant discussions with the industry experts coupled with references of the authentic databases have been used for harnessing baseline information for forecasting the market size.

The data obtained is then collated for creating framework on the future demand evolution of theheat-treated steel plates. A robust research methodology is used for projecting prospects of global market for heat-treated steel plates across multiple market parameters. The quantitative data is combined with the qualitative information for enhancing accuracy of market size evaluations & forecast.