XploreMR has recently added a report, titled “Global Computer Vision Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025”, to its extensive repository. This report offers valuable insights on the demand evolution of computer vision for the foreseeable future. Quantitative data and qualitative information have been provided by the report, which track the growth of global computer vision market. The report also issues a spectrum of objective information on the way market players are developing and implementing novel strategies for capturing untapped opportunities across the global landscape.

UAVs and Smart Security Cameras to be Key Application Areas for Computer Vision

One of the major applications of computer vision currently is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Potentially catastrophic consequences of mid-air collision between small UAV and passenger jet are incomprehensible. However, with continued developments in the algorithms and processing power, computer vision has reached a phase where passengers’ lives can be trusted to UAVs integrated with the technology. Next-generation UAVs will impart Amazon and other such companies with the ability to realize over–the-air delivery of packages at a faster speed.

Another lucrative application of computer vision is in the emerging field of smart security cameras. These cameras when integrated with computer vision technology will be able to detect any unusual behavior in its proximity, thereby sending warning signals to prevent serious damages from terrorism or other criminal activities. Such financially-rewarding applications of computer vision will create huge growth opportunities for its market worldwide in the near future.

Adoption of Computer Vision in Food Quality Inspection to Boost the Market Growth

Food quality inspection has been a labor-intensive and tedious work. Loss of food in handling & processes, ever-growing population worldwide, and increased demand for supply of high-quality food that comply with safety standards are key determinants of demand for effective technologies in the food industry. Manual quality inspection of food products is time-intensive, expensive, unreliable, and is affected from poor repeatability.

Computer vision is considered to be an effective alternative as a cost-effective, non-destructive, and an automated technique for accomplishing these requirements. A rapid and consistent evaluation technique, computer vision is being successfully adopted in quality analysis of bread, vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, with applications ranging from complex vision-guided automated control to routine inspection.

Global Computer Vision Market: Competitive Landscape Analysis

Various insightful data have been procured by conducting consistent interviews with the market players, and industry leaders worldwide. Intelligence imparted by companies have revealed the confidential reality engulfing the development of computer vision. On the basis of current market standings, key companies underpinning the market growth have been identified and profiled in detail, including information on their product overview, company overview, key financials, and key developments.

All information aggregated and offered by the report have been contemplated in a balanced manner. In this chapter, the report delivers valuable insights on the way new strategies can enable improvements in businesses of the existing market players. Additionally, this analytical research study also issues knowledge about ways of market penetration for new and emerging players, and how these players can use insights offered in the report to make effective future business decisions.