Global Market Study on Outboard Engines: Europe to Represent Largest Market for Outboard Engines during 2017 - 2026

  • Rep Id : XPLREP1439
  • Published On : November, 2017
  • No. of Pages : 170
  • Category : Industrial Automation
  • Publisher : Persistence Market Research

XploreMR has developed an exclusive market study on outboard engines, delivering insightful forecasts and precision analysis across global perimeters. The report provides a strong and conclusive infusion of primary and secondary research findings, which has been directed to develop accurate market size estimations for the approaching years. The report, titled “Outboard Engine Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-206) and Forecast (2017-2026),” offers an in-depth analysis on the global outboard engines market for the forecast period, 2017-2026. Extensive primary interviews have been conducted by our analysts for assessing the actual undercurrents of the global outboard engines market. From key stakeholders in maritime business and automotive industry to leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, outboard engines have been a key commodity for a range of companies, institutions and manufacturing associations.

The report has profiled the key manufacturers of outboard engines in the global market, and has aggregated their revenues to create baseline market size valuations for the historical period, 2012-2016. The report has also addressed new trends surfacing the global outboard engines market, and has gauged their impact on the market’s expansion. Availing this report will enable the manufacturers of outboard engines in taking informed decisions towards future market direction.

Report Synopsis

The report includes an overview of the global outboard engines market, offering a formal introduction to the market and a standard definition on outboard engines. The executive summary of the report put the key regional market size estimations at the fore. The most dominant region and the bankable technology in the global outboard engines market is evaluated in the executive summary. The report further provided comprehensive analysis on the supply chain, pricing, cost structure and raw materials sourcing strategies exercised in the global outboard engines market.

Key sections in the report provided segmental analysis on the global outboard engines market across categories such as technology, power, start type, and boat type. Regional segmentation across these categories is also analyzed in the report. Moreover, additional information on cross-segmental forecast and country-wise analysis is also provided in the report. The report ends with a detailed profiling of leading manufacturers of outboard engines in the global market. The competition dashboard provided in the report reveals the current market standings of these companies and weighs their presence against their latest developments and undertakings.

 Market Taxonomy




Start Type

Boat Type

  • North America
  • Two Stroke Carbureted
  • Low
  • Electric
  • Fishing
  • Latin America
  • Two Stroke Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Medium
  • Manual
  • Recreational
  • Europe
  • Two Stroke Direct Injection System
  • High
  • Special Purpose Boats
  • Japan
  • Four Stroke Carbureted
  • APEJ
  • Four Stroke Electronic Fuel Injection
  • MEA

 Key Features of the Report

The report has been developed by a team of analysts, research consultants and subject matter experts, creating a cluster of multifaceted information and knowledge. From data crunching and statistical analysis to extensive company profiling and applied analytics, the report serves as a credible document for companies partaking in the global expansion of the outboard engines market. The report offers market size estimations and valuations in US dollars (US$), which enables it to facilitate universal understanding. The report offers inferences that can be repurposed as actionable insights for developing strategies towards business growth. The market segmentation mentioned above has been developed by weighing the subjective as well as the objective elements of the global outboard engines market. Unbiased research approaches and 24X7 query assistance are also the additional features of XploreMR report on the global outboard engine market.