Global Market Study on Outboard Engines: Manufacturers Need to Go High on Power

  • Rep Id : XPLREP1439
  • Published On : June, 2019
  • No. of Pages : 297
  • Category : Parts & Suppliers

The recently published report by XploreMR (XMR) on the outboard engines market provides readers with an overall market outlook with the help of an extensive market analysis. The XploreMR report on the outboard engines market evaluates the historical and current market scenario and offers a forecast for the period, 2019-2029.

The XploreMR study helps report readers gain a holistic idea of the market and aid in key business decisions with the help of vital findings and exclusive insights into the outboard engines market. The XploreMR report offers an assessment of the key dynamics of the outboard engines market which include the key market drivers, industry trends, and opportunities held by the market.

The XploreMR report is divided in key sections that allows the report audience to gain a detailed understanding of individual aspects of the report on the outboard engines market.

Global Outboard Engines Market Taxonomy

Power Type

Technology Type

Start Type

Boat Type


Less than 30 HP

Two Stroke Carbureted


Fishing Vessels

North America

30HP to 100 HP

Two Stroke Electronic Fuel Injection


Recreational Vessels

Latin America

Above 100 HP

Two Stroke Direct Injection System


Special Purpose Boats



Four Stroke Carbureted



South Asia


Four Stroke Electronic Fuel Injection



East Asia










Middle East & Africa







Emerging Countries

Key Questions Answered in the Report on Outboard Engines Market

  1. How is the outboard engines market expected to grow over the forecast period?
  2. What will be the most popular technology type of outboard engines in the next five years?
  3. What are the key factors which would impact the outboard engines market in the future?
  4. What are the key market restraints in the outboard engines market?
  5. Which regions showcase significant opportunities for the outboard engines market?
  6. Which power type is likely to gain pace in the outboard engines market?

XploreMR’s study on outboard engines market commences with an executive summary that sheds light on the various outboard engines market aspects covered in the report. The chapter discusses the global market outlook, demand and supply side trends, highlights the significance of the taking up the study and offers a product roadmap.

This chapter involves the recommendations and analysis of the expert XploreMR analysts worked on the outboard engines market. The next chapter in the outboard engines market is the market overview that offers a glance into the outboard engines market in terms of the market scope, definition, and limitations.

Following this is the market background which includes a detailed understanding of the macro-economic factors impacting the outboard engines market. The chapter studies the significant market dynamics including market drivers, trends, and restraints. This chapter also offers five forces analysis and value chain analysis.

The next section provides an outlook of the global outboard engines market analysis and forecast in terms of both volume and value. The next section evaluates the key segments in the outboard engines market on the basis of power type, technology type, start type, boat type and region.

The analysis includes the bifurcation on the basis of application and region. With the evaluation of key segments in the outboard engines market and inclusion of year-on-year growth projection along with the basis point share analysis further helps clients identify promising avenues.

The next section in the XploreMR study on the outboard engines market offers an evaluation of the regional landscape of the market. The regional evaluation allows industry players to make key strategic decisions in terms of geographical expansion and investments.

The segment-wise and country-level evaluation of individual regions helps the readers of the outboard engines study to potential opportunities in key regions pertaining to the market. Backed with year-on-year growth projections, global value and volume share, this section is a significant part of the report on outboard engines market.

The report on outboard engines market by XploreMR offers a unique competitive assessment of the leading market players. This sections highlights the nature of the outboard engines market with the help of the market share held by top-level, mid-level, and entry-level players.

The unique dashboard view of the players in the outboard engines market allows readers to understand the key strategies implemented by individual players and their performance in the market featuring the focus areas of the outboard engines market player. Additionally, the competitive structure of prominent players in outboard engines market are also discussed in the study.

Research Methodology

The XploreMR analysis on the outboard engines market is based on a detailed assessment of the market with the help of a comprehensive research including both primary and secondary research. The in-depth assessment of the outboard engines market in terms of the competitive landscape is backed with individual level assessment of various aspects pertaining to the market.

An analysis of the historical and current market for outboard engines with a focus on key market segments and major regions, along with other qualitative inputs help the XploreMR analysts derive at a crucial market predictions and a forecast analysis for the outboard engines market. Readers can access the outboard engines market report to gain a forecasted market assessment for the period, 2019 – 2029.