Egg Yolk Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028

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  • Published On : May, 2018
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Egg Yolk Oil Market Set to Expand at 5.9% CAGR Backed by Adoption in Nutraceutical Sector

Over the years, there has been a remarkable upsurge in the spending on personal care, on the back of increasing the popularity of natural beauty products and essential oils. On this premise, egg yolk oil is finding extensive applications in aromatherapy, owing to the enriching presence of anti-aging agents and antioxidants Moreover, egg yolk oil is gaining traction in nutraceutical applications to treat indigestion and for proper functioning of the immune system. Backed by these aforementioned factors, the egg yolk market is anticipated to progress at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period (2018 to 2028).

Consumption in Hair Care Segment Channels Majority of Revenue

According to the American Hair Loss Association, MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) accounts for over 95 percent of hair loss in men. Similarly, as per the statistics of the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women over 40 have visible hair loss. Despite the availability of numerous hair loss treatments, they have proved inefficient in controlling hair fall. Moreover, the high cost of scientific hair loss treatments is asserting consumers to opt for cheaper and effective natural hair care treatment. Hence, increasing preference for natural hair care treatments is propelling the demand for egg yolk oil, and is anticipated to remain a major growth driver.

Moreover, the presence of cholesterol content in egg yolk oil makes it easily absorbable in the epidermis, thus aiding in keeping the hair intact with the scalp. Likewise, usage of egg yolk oil helps in maintaining and stabilizing the complex intercellular matrix, thereby facilitating the epidermis to undergo natural rejuvenation and repair. Backed by these advantages, the demand for egg yolk oil has been significantly growing in skincare, nail care, lip care, and other dermatology applications, which are anticipated to channel a significant portion of revenue.

Increasing Consumer Preference Towards Natural Products Remains a Prominent Growth Driver

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in consumer preference towards natural products over synthetic products, owing to increasing awareness regarding the benefits of natural products. The changing consumer preferences are bestowing lucrative opportunities to players in the egg yolk oil market, in the form of increased adoption in personal care products and cosmetics to cater to the surging demand for natural products.

Besides, as consumers move away from synthetic products, players in the personal care market have up-scaled the usage of natural raw materials, as a result of which the demand for egg yolk oil is soaring. The increasing awareness regarding the adverse effects of synthetic products on skin, is also anticipated to fuel the demand for egg yolk oil.

Egg Yolk Oil Market: The Road Ahead

The adoption of egg yolk oil in infant nutrition and pharmaceuticals has witnessed an upsurge in the recent past, and is anticipated to further drive the growth of the market. Furthermore, producers of egg yolk oil players have been continually innovating which has resulted in the growing use of supplements. For instance, a mixture of egg yolk oil and fermented garlic powder is available as an odorless capsule that boosts energy, aids in burning fat and gaining muscle. Moreover, the increasing popularity coupled with the emergence of e-commerce players is also channeling a significant portion of revenue.

Competitive Landscape of Egg Yolk Oil

Some of the major market players studied in the research include, but not limited to, Kewpie Corporation, Natural Sourcing, Bizen Chemical, Jiangxi Global Natural Spice, and Vav Life Sciences, among others.

An exhaustive research on egg yolk oil market was initiated by XploreMR and all vital acumen associated with the consumption of egg yolk oil and its demand in different applications in cosmetics, and in pharmaceutical have been skilfully compiled in a new research report named global egg yolk oil market. Key insights and market highlights have been systematically arranged for reader’s convenience.

A Comprehensive Research

The research report on egg yolk oil market covers several industry specific and macroeconomic factors that define the growth path of the entire egg yolk oil market during the forecast period (2018-2028). The research report includes analysis on several trends that shape the market, drivers that fuel the growth of the egg yolk oil market, opportunities that influence it as well as key developments that impact the future market prospects. It also includes challenges and restraints that hinder the growth of the egg yolk oil market.

The in-depth analysis on egg yolk oil market can assist in devising profitable strategies and make informed decisions with respect to gaining hold on the market along with exploring key revenue pockets. These growth influencing aspects have been analyzed across major regions, which portrays a holistic market research approach with a 360 degree intelligence on egg yolk oil market.

Uniqueness in Research Process

Key insights on egg yolk oil market have been gleaned using a unique research process. XploreMR uses an exquisite research methodology that includes a unique amalgamation of secondary and primary research, which takes the analyzed data to a next level of accuracy. Data collected using extensive secondary research is evaluated during primary interviews. Each data point is revalidated in successive interviews to gain a near 100 percent accuracy. This process follows for all market segments and continues till the conclusion of the research.

Market Segmentation

The research report on egg yolk oil market provides analysis on every aspect and angle by involving a weighted market segmentation. Subsequent chapters in the research report impart extensive analysis and highly accurate forecasts on the egg yolk oil market. The egg yolk oil market has been segmented on the basis of poultry type, application, sales channel and region. The research report also provides volume and value projections on egg yolk oil market across all regional segments. Below is the detailed market segmentation of egg yolk oil market.

In-Depth Analysis on Egg Yolk Oil Market’s Competitive Landscape

The final chapter of the research report on egg yolk oil market includes competition analysis that covers major details of the key participants involved in the production and distribution egg yolk oil. Key details such as company overview, SWOT analysis, key developments and innovations, product portfolio analysis, services offered, expansion strategies, marketing strategies, revenue shares and other key financials have been compiled in this chapter. The analysis on key market participants can provide a complete intelligence package to emerging players as well as industry leaders to formulate innovative strategies and make fact based decisions to gain edge over the competition in the years to follow.

The research report on egg yolk oil market delivers value by providing actionable intelligence on each market segment and its scenario across each geography. The weighted analysis in the egg yolk oil market research report can support the reader in achieving research objectives and milestones by addressing various challenges, consequently assisting in establishing a global footprint in the years to come.