Psyllium Products Market: Trend Analysis and Future Outlook, 2019 - 2029

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  • Published On : August, 2019
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Advances in modern science have been enabling the rapid discovery of plant and plant extracts that can treat and cure diseases. In the recent times, the F&B industry has been undergoing significant transformation, as traditional ingredients are reborn, new ideas arise, and consumer behavior changes. Additionally, the nutraceutical industry has been on a tear for years, offering novel products to consumers looking for health-enhancing food products in line with scientific evidence.

While protein and mineral-rich products are gaining prominence in regular dietary practices, psyllium – derived from the husks of the seeds of Plantago ovata ­­– is becoming the fiber house of the globe. Apart from being a rich source of fiber, psyllium products are becoming a prominent ingredient in a wide range of nutritional and functional foods, in the view of their therapeutic impacts on cholesterol lowering, weight management, and relieving diarrhea and constipation.

According to the latest research from XploreMR, the psyllium products market will show an increase of 7.4% year-over-year to total ~US$ 200 million in 2019. Increasing concerns over adverse effects of allopathic medicines, especially for chronic constipation, duodenal ulcers, and gastrointestinal issues, has been significantly contributing to the demand for psyllium products. Further, the thriving market scenario of dietary or nutritional supplements is likely to provide potential growth prospects of the psyllium products market players.

Popularization of Veganism to Bolster Psyllium Products Consumption

Psyllium products have garnered significant traction as a viable ingredient that support vegan culture. In addition to ethical and religious reasons supporting vegans, scientific studies have presented positive results on the consumption of plant-based products, which in turn, ramp up the demand for psyllium products. Judging by its resources, psyllium is becoming rapidly popular and is being explored by food and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as consumers for its benefits. Moreover, the dietary fibers from psyllium are largely exploited as food ingredients or pharmacological supplements that play an active role in regulation of glucose control in diabetic patients, reducing serum lipid levels, and preventing the risk of diseases such as inflammatory bowels, ulcerative colitis, and colon cancer.

Psyllium Products to be Foremost in the Minds of Health-conscious Consumers

Today’s consumers are viewing innovative food & beverages as a primary path leading towards robust health and wellness. A notable spike in the demand for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals continues to have a positive impact on the psyllium products market growth. As numerous F&B manufacturers remained focused on aligning with new consumer trends, market stakeholders are constantly tapping into opportunities in bakery & confectionary, health drinks, and processed food sectors.

psyllium products market

With increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, consumers are looking for various way to improve their daily diets, maintain health and wellness, as well as to counteract the escalating cases of overweight and obesity. In addition, the market for herbal products has been witnessing an exponential growth over the years, as they offer benefits with lesser risk of side effects, thereby potentially raising the demand for psyllium products.

Considering the presence of essential nutrients and vitamins, psyllium products stakeholders are focused on identifying and leveraging the white spaces in their application, which range from cosmetics to animal feed. Capabilities of psyllium seeds and husks as a base for various cosmetic products, disintegrant in pharmaceutical industry, stabilizer in food & beverages, and as a high-fiber ingredient for animal feed are increasingly being explored.

Psyllium Products Market – Competitive Landscape

According to XploreMR study, the psyllium products market shows a fair level of fragmentation. Key market players are keen on upgrading their product portfolio and strategies to meet newer consumer demands, while emphasizing on strategic partnerships with local players for enhanced geographical footprint.

Key players participating in the psyllium products market, as profiled in the study, include:

  • Procter & Gamble (Metamucil)
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
  • Nature's Bounty Co. (Puritan’s Pride)
  • Patanjali Ayurveda
  • Dabur India Ltd.
  • Now Health Group, Inc.
  • Nature’s Sunshine
  • Rama Gum Industries (India) Limited

XploreMR started a new study on the global psyllium products market, providing forecast for the period 2019 to 2029. The report enumerates valuable insights to enable readers to make winning business decisions for the future growth of their businesses. The report sheds light on significant factors that are constantly shaping the growth of the psyllium products market, untapped opportunities for manufacturers, trends and developments, and other insights across various key segments. Macroeconomic factors that are directly or indirectly affecting the growth of the global psyllium products market are also incorporated in the report.

Market Taxonomy

The psyllium products market has been bifurcated on the basis of product type, nature, application, and region. Each of these segments are analyzed to provide readers a holistic view of the industry.

Product Type

Psyllium Seed

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk Powder





  • Food & Beverages
    • Bakery & Confectionary
    • Ice Cream & Desserts
    • Flavored & Health Drinks
    • Juices & Nectars
    • Breakfast Cereals & Instant Noodles
    • Processed & Packed Foods
    • Others
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Animal Feed
  • Others


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

Key Questions Answered

  • What will be the psyllium product market size in 2029?
  • Which region will remain the most lucrative for the psyllium product market growth?
  • Which region is the major producer of psyllium products?
  • What is the market share comparison between different types in the psyllium product market?
  • What will be the growth rate of psyllium products in 2021?
  • What will the volume sales of psyllium products in different end-use industries?

Key indicators associated with the psyllium product market have been evaluated thoroughly in the report. The study highlights vital market dynamics such as key drivers, challenges, and trends, along with potential opportunities in the psyllium product market. A comprehensive study on the supply chain of the psyllium product market has also been encompassed in the report.

Other key aspects laid down in the psyllium products market include cost breakdown, pricing strategy of the leading market players, and raw product cost breakdown. Furthermore, forecast factors and forecast scenario of the psyllium products market have been encompassed in the report to understand future prospects of the market.

A comprehensive evaluation and forecast on the psyllium products market have been provided on the basis of product type, nature, application, and region. The report also renders imperative numbers such as historical and forecast size of various segments of the psyllium products market.

Y-o-Y growth comparison, volume and revenue comparison, and market share comparison of various market segments has been delivered in the report. The psyllium products market has been analyzed at both regional and country levels.

The psyllium products market report provides an exhaustive evaluation on the structure of the psyllium product market, in tandem with a dashboard view of all the leading companies profiled in the report. A company share analysis on the psyllium product market players has also been presented in the report, apart from the footprint matrix on the profiled market players. The report depicts the presence of psyllium product manufacturers by leveraging an intensity map.

Key companies profiled in the psyllium product market report include Procter & Gamble (Metamucil), Nature’s Sunshine, Dabur India Ltd., Nature's Bounty Co. (Puritan’s Pride), Rama Gum Industries (India) Limited, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc., Patanjali Ayurveda, and Now Health Group, Inc among others.

Research Methodology

A realistic methodology along with a holistic approach makes the base for the incisive insights provided in the psyllium product market for the study evaluation period. The XploreMR report comprises of detailed information on the growth prospects of the psyllium product industry along with riveting insights into the forecast assessment of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary research have been employed to garner incisive insights into the forecast study of the psyllium product market. The report on the psyllium product market has further gone through a cross-validation by in-house professionals to make the psyllium product market report one-of-its-kind with the highest credibility.