Global Market Study on UV Lamps - UV LEDs Are the New Growth Engine

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  • Published On : August, 2019
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UV Lamps Market – Introduction

XploreMR, in its latest published market research report sheds light on the vital growth parameters to identify the shape as well as the size of the UV lamps market during the study period 2019-2029. This in-depth study outlines the pivotal trends and significant developments that have been shaping the growth of the UV lamps market. Additionally, the research study lends valuable insights pertaining to the UV lamps market by evaluating the key drivers, restraints, threats, and opportunities.

This detailed study also mentions the microeconomic and macroeconomic factors that aid in understanding the future growth opportunities present in the UV lamps market during the forecast period.

The market size has been assessed in terms of value (US$ Mn) and volume (units). The valuable insights includes in the research study will help the leading players in the UV lamps market in identifying lucrative opportunities to drive their business forward.  This detailed study outlines leading as well as established players in the UV lamps market, along with the market structure. This comprehensive study offers the overview of the key market players, along with their unique strategies, financials, and considerable developments.

UV Lamps Market – Segmentation

This exhaustive research report on the UV lamps market provides derailed study of the market attractiveness by evaluating the key market segments. The global study also includes a country-wise valuation for better understanding the demand and supply ratio of the UV lamps market.

The detailed report offers an assessment on the basis of the lamp, end use and region. Each of these segments has been covered and analyzed in this comprehensive report in order to attain actionable intelligence apropos of the UV lamps market. This XploreMR study on the UV lamps market provides historical, current, as well as futuristic trends that have been shaping the growth of these segments, in particular, and the market, in general. Moreover, the study offers value chain analysis, supply chain analysis, and Y-o-Y growth analysis of the UV lamps market.


End Use


UV Mercury Lamp

  • Low Pressure Lamp
  • Medium Pressure Lamp
  • Amalgam Mercury Lamp

Water Treatment

  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Residential Water Treatment
  • Commercial Water Treatment
  • Industrial Process Water Treatment
  • Pool & Spa
  • Others

North America


Wastewater Treatment

Latin America


Surface Disinfection

Western Europe


Air Treatment

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Others(Transportation)

Eastern Europe


Food & Beverages Disinfection

  • Bottled Water & other beverages
  • Marinades & Brines
  • Surface Disinfection of foods







Middle East and Africa

UV Lamps Market - Key Questions Answered

This detailed study report on the UV lamps market gives in-depth overview that provides distinguished insights into the growth prospects during the projection period. This exhaustive research report address the key concerns of the market players that are operating in the UV lamps market. Some of the salient questions addressed in the report includes:

  • What was the UV mercury lamps demand scenario in terms of value and volume in 2018?
  • What are the key determinants that are shaping the growth of the UV lamps market?
  • How will the Europe UV lamps market evolve during the forecast period?
  • What are the key factors that are impeding the growth of the UV lamps market?
  • What rate of ROI can UV lamps market players can expect from growing application of these lamps for water treatment in the next couple of years?
  • What will be the Y-o-Y growth of UV lamps market between 2019 and 2025?

UV Lamps Market – Research Methodology

To compile the study report, the analysts at XploreMR employed a robust research methodology, which assists in identifying valuable intelligence and assess market size, su8pported by pertinent numbers. XploreMR’s seasoned analysts conducted primary and secondary researches to obtain valuable insights into the UV lamps market.

During the primary research phase, they referred to leading opinion leaders, industry experts, business heads, manufacturers, and distributors were consulted. As a part of the secondary research, company annual publications, reports, press releases, and financial reports were referred to determine and lay down the lucrative opportunities present in the UV lamps market.