Soy Protein Isolate Market

Soy Protein Isolate Market

Soy Protein Isolate Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014-2018 & Opportunity Assessment 2019-2029

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  • September, 2019

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Tide in the Favour of “Vegetarianism” to Drive the Soy Protein Isolate Market

As per a report available on XploreMR, the global soy protein isolate market is expected to witness geometric progression between 2020 and 2030.

The soy protein isolate market is basically driven by the growing demand for fortified foodstuff along with increasing consciousness regarding nutrition and health among the consumers. The people are more drawn towards vegan diets these days and soy protein isolate tops the chart of preferences.

Going deep into the Product?

Soy protein isolate has made its mark in the “functional foods” sector with an ever-increasing application in confectionary and bakery due to enhancement in water absorption and dough’s textual characteristics. The biologically active proteins like hemagglutinins, cysteine proteases, trypsin inhibitors, and enzymes are present in soybeans. They are analogous to papain. These factors are increasingly coming to the fore in the present scenario, which are expected to take the soy protein isolate market by storm in the near future.

As mentioned above, soy protein isolate has made inroads to functional and ready-to-eat food products. They include beverages, food, and health supplements. At the same time, the consumers are encouraging usage of protein-focused innovation. Animal feeds also constitute application of “soy protein isolate”. All these factors are expected to give an impetus to the soy protein market.

Additionally, it has been observed that soy protein isolate is beneficial to obesity-related problems like inflammation and fatty liver disease. Keeping fatty liver disease in check, in turn, helps in keeping cardiovascular diseases away. Rise in awareness amongst the consumers on this part is expected to positively influence the soy protein isolate market. Also, in the last few years, the people are turning out to be more empathetic towards animals. Therefore, they are trying to avoid animal-based proteins and opting for plat-based proteins instead. Also, it has been found that consumers prefer abstaining from animal-based proteins so that they could stay away from the probable allergies in that parlance.

Challenges Encountered

Soy protein isolate is available “off flavour”. This does render it undesirable regarding consumption. The reasons behind the product being “off flavour” is presence of alcohols, furans, ketones, and aldehydes. The grassy and beany taste could also be attributed to medium chain aldehydes. Plus, certain people are found to be allergic to soybeans. This factors could prove to be detrimental to the soy proteins market.

Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of Covid-19 has upscaled the demand for soy protein isolate due to two reasons – boost immunity and avoid consumption of non-vegetarian food (as the very first case of Covid-19 came into being on consumption of animal-based product). Though the supply chain has witnessed disruption amidst lockdowns being put into practice, the demand has witnessed a two-fold increase since Mar 2020 and the situation is expected to continue with going forward as well, as prevention is better than cure.

Regional Analysis?

North America holds more than 40% of the market share. Europe comes in second. This could be credited to increase in adoption of soy protein isolate in these regions. Besides, numerous magazines/online forums like, do offer tips about diet and lifestyle, thereby raising the bar of awareness amongst the consumers. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate as soy protein isolate is being increasingly incorporated throughout.

Competitive Landscape

The key players in the soy protein isolate market include Batory Foods, Nutra Food Ingredients Inc., E.I DuPont De Numerous Company, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc, Archer Daniel Midland Company, CHS Inc, Osage Food Products, Crown Soya Protein Group, and The Scoular Company.

On the organic expansion front, Burger King did announce launching “Impossible Whopper” having tagline “100% Whopper, 0% beef”. Beef has been replaced with soy protein isolate. China, in the year 2018, did obtain 24 patents regarding soy protein isolates.

Soy Protein Isolate Market Analysis 2019-2027

XploreMR has revealed various facts on the global soy protein isolate market in its recently published research report titled “Soy Protein Isolate Market: Global Industry Analysis (2013-2018) and Opportunity Assessment (2019-2027)”. This research report is filled with incisive insights and vital acumen on various factors that have contributed to the growth of the global market for soy protein isolate. Along with the past market scenario, a glimpse of the future of the soy protein isolate market is also portrayed, which reflects value and volume projections. This can assist the reader in slating important strategies based on present market conditions to achieve expansion in the coming future.

A one of its kind Research Methodology

XploreMR follows a one of a kind research methodology to garner vital and relevant market insights. This research process ensures delivery of statistical data without errors, thus maximizing the accuracy of the research report. Secondary research in combination with primary research gives a clear market understanding based on which key players, market observers and opinion leaders are interviewed to check the reliability of the data and to add other facets of the market. The uniqueness of this research process is the revalidation and re-evaluation of the data that takes place at each step during each interview and is continued till the conclusion of the market research. Based on these vital acumen, key analysis can be drawn and recommendations from domain experts are included in this intelligence report. The multiple cross checking of the data ensures a highly accurate market scenario which can be directly used by the reader to chalk informed decisions.

A Holistic Research Approach Covering all Angles

Research study on soy protein isolate market puts forth a holistic 360perspective. Main geographies across the entire globe are assessed and the trends, opportunities, developments drivers and restraints in each region and sub region that have an impact on the growth of the market in the respective region are studied to get a clear picture of the global soy protein isolate market. Revenue pockets can be identified with such kind of intense market intelligence which is unbiased in nature and purely market centric thus portraying a global perspective in front of the reader. Additionally, this research report can assist the reader in gaining intelligence on the revenue pockets that he/she can tap to gain advantage in the future.

Market Segmentation

A weighted segmentation of the global soy protein isolate market has been carried out to gain relevant insights of the market and gauge its growth direction. The market segmented by product type, by application, by function and by region.

The research report on the global soy protein isolate market covers analysis on key companies participating in this market. Various aspects such as SWOT analysis, key developments, innovations, product portfolio, financials and company overview are included in this section of the report. The reader can gain intelligence on the major players that have a good hold in the market, based on which new strategies can be devised to gain an edge on the competition.

Highly Accurate Statistical Representation of the Global Market

The weighted market analysis on the global soy protein isolate market delivers value to the reader by providing useful insights, ready to use and highly accurate statistical analysis and recommendations without bias in order to plan future expansion strategies and also to gain stability in the changing dynamics of the global soy protein isolate market.

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