Portable Portable Humidifiers Market

Portable Portable Humidifiers Market

Portable Humidifiers Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2020 to 2030

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  • May, 2020

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Robust Construction backed by Cost-Effectiveness to Drive the Portable Humidifiers Market

As per a report available on XploreMR, the global portable humidifiers market is expected to substantiate in the years to come.

Humidifiers find their applications as a therapy for adding moisture to air, avert dryness, and lessen body irritation, dry cough, dry throat, nose irritation, and cracked lips. One could also attach humidifiers to the home as a whole – by merely connecting them to the home ductwork. The home ductwork comes across as a system distributing airflow from cooling and heating system all through the home. Majority of commercial and residential humidifiers happen to be portable (by default) as frequent relocation is needed on the basis of area of application. The application of these portable humidifiers could be warm mist or cool mist. There are also sub-categories like floor console, compact, whole house, and personal.

What are The Factors Keeping the Portable Humidifiers on The Toes?

Rising affordability on the part of end-users is the key growth driver to portable humidifiers market. Also, uncertainties regarding weather are compelling people to go for portable humidifiers. Besides, low maintenance renders them cost-effective in the long run. At the same time, the same humidifiers, if not handled with utmost care, are likely to cause burns, that too, if toddlers are around. It also needs to be noted that excess of humidity in the room does cause condensation on the walls, which, in turn, causes molds to grow.

There are evaporative or wick humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, and steam humidifiers tabled as of now. The market is dominated by wick system. It makes use of a cloth or paper for drawing water from reservoir. Ultrasonic humidifiers, as the name suggests, have metal diaphragm vibrate at ultrasonic frequency for creating water droplets. Impeller humidifiers comprise a rotating disk flinging water at comb-like diffuser. The diffuser breaks down water into petite droplets that do float in the air. Steam humidifiers, better known as “vaporizers”, boil water and facilitate release of warm steam in the room.

Moreover, the combination kind of portable humidifier (mix of warm and cool mist) is in great demand due to twin advantage offered (as peer the ambience – hot or cold). The brick and mortar business had been dominating the portable humidifiers market in terms of distribution channels till date. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 has turned the situation upside down. People are preferring online channel to buy portable humidifiers amidst partial/total lockdown being imposed in almost the whole world at regular intervals.

Region-Wise Study

The global portable humidifiers market constitutes North America (Canada, US), Eastern Europe (Russia and Poland), Western Europe (Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Nordic countries, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany), Asia-Pacific (New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, Japan, India, China), MEA (North Africa, Southern Africa, GCC), and Latin America (Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and others).

North America holds the largest share of portable humidifiers market. This could be reasoned with tremendous variation in temperature across the entire continent. Europe comes in second. In the Asia-Pacific, the portable humidifiers are right now used in commercial complexes and in metros. However, proliferation deep within is expected in the next few years, which will compel the players to look upon it as a promising market in the near future.

Competitive Landscape

The key players in the portable humidifiers market include Carel Industries S.p.A, Ikeuchi Europe B.V., Condair Group, National Environmental Products Ltd., Dyson Humidifiers, Kaz USA, Inc., and Koninkijke Philips N.V.

Portable Humidifiers Market

Portable humidifiers market is anticipated to witness a notable upsurge during the forecast period 2020 to 2030, conferring to a new XploreMR  study. The study promotes crucial trends that are presently determining the growth of portable humidifiers market. This newly published and perceptive report sheds light on vital dynamics, which are likely to convert the future of portable humidifiers market, in turn generating worthwhile opportunities for key companies as well as evolving players who are interested in the manufacturing of portable humidifiers.

Portable humidifiers market study is a detailed market intellect on key revenue progression factors, challenges, industry trends, and opportunities, which will eventually influence the growth of portable humidifiers market. The report primarily conveys a summary of the portable humidifiers market, considering present and upcoming consumer goods industry scenarios, to reveal striking sides relating to the acceptance of portable humidifiers across prominent regional markets.

A detailed assessment on few of portable humidifiers raw material suppliers accessible in the report allows the report readers to obtain detailed findings that have resulted from portable humidifiers supply chain analysis, business execution, and value chain analysis across the regional markets incorporated in the report. A list of prominent companies functioning in portable humidifiers market provided in the report enhances reliability of this ample research study.

Portable humidifiers Market: Report Summary and Scope

Study offers a comprehensive overview on diverse features that are inducing demand, revenue generation and sales in portable humidifiers market across the globe.

A comprehensive estimate on portable humidifiers market has also been made accessible by the experts, who have considered the market estimates on the basis of a likely scenario, an optimistic scenario, and a conservative scenario regarding sales of portable humidifiers during the forecast period. Analysis and estimation of price point comparison by region and by product with the global average price has been included in this study.

Portable humidifiers Market: Segmentation

XploreMR ’s study has done the segmentation of portable humidifiers market on the basis of type, humidity output, application, and sales channel.


Cool Mist Humidifiers

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Evaporative Humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Humidity Output

1 gallon/ day

1.5 - 2 gallons/ day

2.1- 2.5 gallons/ day

3 - 3.5 gallons/ day

> 3.5 gallons/ day




Hospitals and Clinics

Educational Institutions

Corporate Offices

Sales Channel

Independent Electronic Stores

Franchised Electronic Stores

Online Retail

Company Website

Third Party Online


North America

Latin America


East Asia

South Asia



Portable Humidifiers Market: Analysis on Market Size Evaluation

Predictions of portable humidifiers market, encompassing current as well as forthcoming projected values estimate and analysis on region-wise demand trends and price index have been assimilated in the report.

Market estimates at the regional and global scale for portable humidifiers are available in terms of “US$ Mn.” A Y-o-Y growth contrast on prominent portable humidifiers market segments, along with the market attractiveness valuation computes understandings brought in the report. Metrics mentioned above are also followed based on portable humidifiers products where portable humidifiers witness a steady demand.

Portable Humidifiers Market: Scrutinized Assessment on Regional Segments

Weighted sections have been elaborated in the report on portable humidifiers market, which delivers projection on the regional markets. These chapters brighten the regional macros (political economic, and business environment outlook), which are expected to have a significant impact on the growth of portable humidifiers market during period of forecast.

Country-specific valuation on demand for portable humidifiers has been offered for each regional market, along with the market scope estimate and forecast, price index, price point assessment, and impact analysis of dynamics of prominent regions and countries. For all regional markets Y-o-Y growth estimates have also been incorporated in the report.

Portable Humidifiers Market: In-depth Analysis on Competitive Landscape

The report ends with a section on the competition scenario of portable humidifiers market, along with the profiles of major companies contributing to the market expansion. Essential and up-to-date data as well as information correlated to the market performers, who principally engage in the production and supply of portable humidifiers, has been brought with the help of a detailed dashboard view. Market share analysis and comparison of prominent players provided in the report permits the report readers to plan preemptive steps to advance their businesses.

Company profiles have been shared with report, which exerts essentials such as product portfolio, along with an all-inclusive SWOT analysis on each player recognized along with the company policies identification and analysis. The company presence mapped and presented through the matrix for all the prominent players of the market functioning in portable humidifiers market offers readers with actionable intellect, which helps in thoughtfully presenting the market status, and making decisive predictions on the competition levels in portable humidifiers market. Major companies operating in global portable humidifiers market, include Honeywell International, Inc., Procter & Gamble, Condair Group, A Bear Down Brands, LLC Sunvalley Group, Arovast Corporation, Plaston Group, Research Products Corporation, Guardian Technologies LLC, Hunter Home Comfort, Venta Air Technologies, Inc., Rowenta and Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft.

Impact of Covid-19 on Portable humidifiers Market

The report includes a scenario based assessment of impact of Covid-19 across key regions for all four quarters of 2020. The report discusses the market forecast under optimistic, probabilistic and pessimistic scenario. Under the three scenarios, the demand loss and recovery has been illustrated and described through L-shaped and U-shaped recovery curves. Alongside, the Covid-19 impact has been benchmarked with previous crisis including sub-prime crisis and SARS pandemic.

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Portable Portable Humidifiers Market

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